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In my Kitchen I love to whip up something scrummy, experiment, make a mess. I love cookbooks for inspiration, recipes, and temptation. Sometimes I spend hours planning and detailing... Or more often I just throw the contents of my fridge in a pan and see what happens!

Out of my Kitchen, into the restaurants and other kitchens of the world... I love all kinds of dishes, from the comfortingly familiar to the intriguingly original. My mum's cooking is immense and she has an aga so it's often slow cooked, juicy and delicious. I love eating out, but I work in publishing and I'm renting in London, so that doesn't happen too often!

Experimental cook and all-round food fan, I love being in my kitchen and out. This blog will review some of the books I use, restaurants I eat in, and share some of my own recipe successes (and some failures!!) Please comment on anything and everything, and let me know if you have any recipes you want to share or for me to try out!

Also, I should say that everything I write on here is my own musings, and photos are nearly always mine (if they're not I'll tell you where they came from!) Enjoy!

About Me

I work in marketing at Ryland Peters & Small and CICO Books, a publisher of the most beautiful food & drink, home & garden, craft and gift books, and it's lovely. I live in and love London, but belong in Derbyshire, and have a strange loyalty to Clarks shoe shop (and shoes more generally!) Lots of other interests and hobbies, but if you're on here then you like food stuff, so food stuff is what you're gonna get!!

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